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Athletic Passes

Kettering’s Family and Student Athletic Passes this year will be two times better! Renamed the “Waterford School District Athletic Pass”, this year’s Athletic Passes will be valid for admission to regular home season games at BOTH Mott and Kettering, no matter the opponent! For example: In addition to passes being valid for admission at their home school, Kettering students/family members can use their Athletic Pass AT MOTT for admission to watch Mott play any opponent and Mott students/family members may use their Athletic Pass AT KETTERING to watch Kettering play any opponent. What a deal! The Athletic Pass is valid for HOME regular season games at both Mott and Kettering for the following sports: football, boys and girls soccer, volleyball, boys and girls swim meets, boys and girls basketball, competitive cheer meets, wrestling, hockey, track and field, and boys and girls lacrosse. That’s a lot of home games!

The admission price, without an Athletic Pass, for individual tickets for high school athletic events is $5.00 per ticket for adults and students. Pre-school aged children accompanied by an adult and adults 62 and older are admitted free.

Kettering and Mott students may purchase a “Student Pass” for $50.00 good for admission to all Kettering and Mott 2015-16 regular season HOME games at BOTH Kettering and Mott.

Family Passes” for the 2015-16 school year athletic events are also available for purchase and are valid for admission to all Kettering and Mott regular season HOME games at both Kettering and Mott.  The cost is $125.00. Eligibility for the family pass includes immediate family only – father, mother, sons, daughters and grandparents living at the SAME address. Each family member listed will receive a card with their own number and name on it.  Only one (1) person admitted per pass.  (Pre-school aged children accompanied by an adult & those 62 and older are admitted free so they do not need a Family Pass.)  The passes are good for regular season athletic events – HOME games only!  The pass does not apply for district, regional, invitational events, or league meets and is not transferrable. Passes used by a person other than named on the front are subject to being confiscated.

The Family Pass Application is available on this website under the HQ tab and at the Main and Athletic Offices during office hours. Passes are available for purchase at Registration; after Registration passes may be purchased at the Athletic Office at either high school. Checks should be made payable to the Waterford School District.

Any further questions, please call the Athletic Office at 248-673-1261 (Kettering) or 248-674-3847 (Mott).

2015-16 Family Pass Info Application