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Students must be officially enrolled in Waterford Schools, have a physical card, and have an Athletic Code of Conduct and Concussion Acknowledgement form signed by parent and student before they may begin practice. Physical cards are available in the Main Office. A student must be in attendance at school all day to participate in practice or a contest on that same day. To be eligible to participate in an athletic program, students must meet the MHSAA minimum of passing 66% of all classes attempted and meet the following Waterford School District eligibility policy.

Semester Eligibility: Students must have passing grades in all classes for the previous semester OR  have no more than 1 E or F and at least a 2.0 in their other classes (for the previous semester).

However, student athletes who did not meet the MHSAA previous semester criteria of passing 66% of their credit hours and/or did not meet the 2.00 criteria (if they have 1 E or F) may have their current grades checked at the 60th school day from the first day of the semester. If on the 60th day the student athlete is passing all classes OR has achieved the 2.0 Grade Point Average (if they have an E or F) they will become immediately eligible.

Current Grade Eligibility: Students must have passing grades in all classes OR  have no more than 1 E or F and at least a 2.0 in the other classes.

Student athletes who are failing no more than 1 class must have at least a 2.0 grade point average in their other classes during the present semester. If the student athlete does not meet this standard they must sit out a minimum of (1) week defined as Sunday through Saturday (current grades will be checked on Fridays) or until the minimum requirement is met. The student athlete may continue to practice during the ineligible period, but may not participate in competition during that time.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has set the academic standards for all athletes. If these standards are not met by the student during their four years in high school, they are not eligible to participate in Division I or II. For NCAA Eligibility student-athletes should enroll on the NCAA Eligibility Center site at